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“Working with Justin is a joy. He comes to the production with incomprable energy, passion and flair. From the first discussions in pre production right through to his meticulous attention to detail before the final mix, his work ethic is exceptional. His music is brilliantly original and varied, but always of the highest quality. I’d work with Justin again at the drop of a hat.”

David Brindley – Commissioning Editor Channel 4/BBC & Emmy-Winning Director/Producer

“Justin Nicholls is an extraordinary composer. I’ve worked with him consistently over the past sixteen years on a range of award winning Anglo-American documentaries. I work with Justin because he constantly surprises me – the width of his range, his attentiveness to emotion and rhythm, and his ability to relate sound to image. My films would be immeasurably poorer without his music”

Patrick Forbes – Double BAFTA-Winning Director & Head of Documentaries at Oxford Film & Television

“Not only is Justin extremely talented and original, but he’s also the most collaborative composer I’ve worked with to date. He has an extraordinary energy and passion which comes through in his music; One Born documents the journey of what it means to bring life in to the world and that’s exactly what Justin does with this series, brings it to life. I would love to work with Justin again and can’t recommend him more highly.”

Dominique Foster – Series Producer – One Born Every Minute

“I have followed and admired his work over many years as he was one of the first composers to create outstanding music for factual entertainment programming, which was and still is a rarity. He has been at the forefront of creating music for TV which is finely tuned to the visuals, and adds a whole extra layer to the viewer experience which so much music for TV does not. He is a collaborator an innovator, but combines this with a professionalism that is exceptional in the industry.  He is experienced enough to experiment when appropriate – and make it work.”

Fiona Pitcher – BAFTA-Winning Executive Producer of Springwatch/Autumnwatch/The Burrowers

“Justin Nicholls has just completed two important commissions for the English Network of the BBC World Service – The Inquiry and Newshour. The BBC World Service is the world’s most widely listened to English language radio station and always seeks to achieve the highest quality programme production. Music, when used in our output, must therefore also be of the highest quality, as well as adhering closely to a tight editorial brief. Against this background the two commissions given to Mr Nicholls were ambitious, and also technically demanding Justin succeeded in satisfying this brief, not just for the BBC World Service but for the partner stations in the US. The new branding music is now on air across the world.”

Murray Holgate – English Network Manager – BBC World Service

“Justin is by far the most original and creative in terms of understanding documentary footage and giving it a musical interpretation that does not dominate, it only enhances. He is extremely collaborative and always works closely with the editors, lifting the scenes to another level with his compositions. He is always willing to take risks and experiment with new sources of sound and new instruments/voices to find something musically different.”

Emma Tutty – BAFTA-Winning Exec Producer of One Born Every Minute/24 Hours In Police Custody

“Numberjacks has sold to around 70 international broadcasters and has been translated into some 12 languages.The Numberjacks Channel on Youtube was launched in May last year and has received in excess of 53 million views to date. Justin’s work is always original and innovative. He is totally reliable and a great pleasure to work with – Justin is one of a small number of ” first-choice”colleagues on our list.”

Roland Tongue – Managing Director – Open Mind Productions

“There are countless musicians with talent but there are few true artists. Justin Nicholls is one of the most diverse, eclectic, and engaging composers around who blends imaginative harmonies with genius melodies and syncopated by percussions of the world…magical music every time”

Brent Kidwell – Music Supervisor – Los Angeles

“Pioneer Productions has worked with Justin for over 10 years on a wide variety of high profile projects. He is a gifted and talented musician and composer who is able to cope with great pressure whilst maintaining his creative genius. I would not hesitate to commission him for even the largest feature film”

Stuart Carter – Managing Director – Pioneer Productions

“This guy dreams up the best soundtracks in the business”

Simon Dickson – Commissioning Editor Channel 4/Exec Producer – Label 1 TV